Top experiences and demos in OVR18


The second edition of the VR Observatory will also feature Sngular, a successful Spanish-based business group based in Madrid, with a presence in Mexico and the United States, for the second year running.

Sngular will present in the VR Observatory Area Demo its star experience, developed with Sony Playstation: Coolpaintr VR. It is a Virtual Reality video game tool that was launched on May 9 worldwide with great download success: it was the 5th best-selling PSVR game in the USA and the 6th in Europe during the month of May (launch month).

View the CoolPaintr VR Launch Trailer

Sngular will share with those attending the Area Demo the technical advances that have made this tool a success, such as the use of a powerful 3D game engine and, above all, its ability to maintain 120 frames per second (fps) stable. This latest innovation is essential to improve the user experience of Virtual Reality viewers by avoiding the feeling of disorientation.

In this way, in the VR Observatory Demo Area, which acces is free – you can register here -, attendees will be able to try Coolpaintr VR. Its use is both playful, to play with the family, and professional, for sectors such as architecture, or even in artistic activities in combination with other software such as Maya or 3DMax.

Nokia, YBVR, Opossum Studios, Grupo Premo and Amfitech, among others, will also share their latest demos and first class immersive experiences at the VR Observatory Demo Area, the most important multidisciplinary event held in Spain on these new technologies.