Francisco Asensi

Chief Content & Business Innovation
Speaker | 2018

Francisco Asensi is an expert in Innovation in content, digital business and new models of digital entertainment, OTT and video.

With more than 17 years of professional experience in transformation and innovation projects for companies, Francisco has helped companies and associations such as Infomix TV, Nima World, Prodiges, the Association of Digital Producers in Spanish, European Broadcasting Union, International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences and International Games Developer Association, among others, with his expertise.

His goal, in his own words, is to help content and media producers accelerate the acquisition of digital knowledge by initiating projects that open up new opportunities to generate business and reach new audiences. This also includes brands seeking to become their own publishers.

As the digital industry moves faster than the traditional media industry, changes need to be made in the traditional value chain. This includes modifying creative processes, defining connected business models and planning the distribution and cascading promotion strategy.

His work covers essential fields such as: over-the-top broadcast distribution, Transmedia narrative development, branded entertainment, research and analytics, social media content, definition of new formats and talent management.