Fran Llorente

New Projects Area of RTVE
Speaker | 2018

Francisco Javier Llorente, better known as Fran Llorente, has a Journalism degree from the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1988 joined RTVE (the Spanish public service broadcaster) through a internship program. Shortly afterwards, he joined the newspaper El Mundo as editor.

After some time at El Mundo, he returned to TVE in 1990 and became Deputy Chief of the Board of the News Culture Area. In 1994, he embarked on a new project for the channel, La 2 noticias, a news programme focusing on issues related to culture, entertainment, ecology and social and human affairs rather than political issues. Llorente directs the program until 2004 and after Lorenzo Milá’s departure he also presents it between 2003 and 2004.

In April 2004, Carmen Caffarel appointed him news director of TVE, replacing Alfredo Urdaci. Its stated objectives at that time were “the independence, plurality and credibility” of the TVE-1 News Services. During this time, faces, headers and designs were renewed. His former colleague in La 2 noticias, Lorenzo Milá, took over La 2 Noticias and Pepa Bueno replaced Luis Mariñas in Los Desayunos de TVE. Since then, it has started up new formats in television with the participation of the citizens, such as’I have a question for you’ (Ondas Award for best television programme), of which he has been the director and through which, among other guests, Mariano Rajoy and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero; and spaces for analysis and debate such as’59 seconds’ or, in 2012,’The TVE-1 Debates’.

Under his direction, TVE’s News Services, its programmes and professionals have received more than 200 awards, including several awards from the Academy of Television, several Ondas and TP Gold awards in their different modalities. In 2009, La 2 Noticias won the international award for best news at the TV News Awards, and in 2010 the Global Peace Award, for covering international conflicts. In 2011 the Services TVE News as a whole were recognized with the Ondas Award and the Ondas Award. National Television.

In 2012, Fran Llorente was awarded the Javier Bueno Prize, awarded by the Madrid Press Association for his work as head of TVE’s News Services, and the Vázquez Montalbán Prize, awarded by the Catalan Association of Journalists “as a benchmark for quality, independence and professionalism in the field of television news”.

Llorente’s management at the head of the news services was very well valued and recognized and led the news programmes to become audience leaders, with the 2 News ,then presented by Pepa Bueno, the best news programme in the world, with three million viewers and a 20% share.

Since 2012, Fran has been working in the New Projects Area of RTVE.